Technology Integration

erwInnovative Learning specializes in supporting schools on their digital journey by developing strategy and implementation tactics to deeply integrate technology into instruction.  Our passion is to help students and teachers leverage web-based tools and emerging technologies to increase rigor, student engagement and deeper learning. We collaborate with our partners to evaluate, plan, develop, and deliver educator professional learning experiences to support academic success, teacher efficiency, and the development of digital citizens. We provide ongoing and consistent support for teachers and students to achieve specified goals.

Through erwInnovative Learning‘s professional development experiences, your educators will learn best practices for technology integration by utilizing free resources and maximizing the tools and subscriptions they already have access to.  We focus on assisting teachers in developing student tech literacy skills outlined in the ISTE student protocols, using best practices established by the TPAK framework, the TIMS rubric, and the SAMR model.  We know that imbedding technology into instruction takes time and providing ongoing and consistent support for teachers and students is crucial for success.