Science Literacy Bags

Purpose: To involve families in hands-on learning experiences that reinforce scientific understanding and promote literacy.

Why Use Science Literacy Bags?

  • Foster the connection between home and school
  • Reinforce science skills & concepts
  • Encourage communication between students and parents
  • Provide a “fun” form of homework

How does it work?

  1. Students take a bag home for one week
  2. Students and parents complete activities together
  3. Students and parents write in the journal
  4. Students return the bag and report findings to the class

A science literacy bag contains:

⇒ Parent letter

⇒ Science Investigation

⇒ Supporting Literature

⇒ Journal for recording observations, information, reflections & parent feedback

⇒ Instructions and materials list

⇒ Integration piece(s) & other activities that tie into the science theme


Management Tips:

  • Create interest and develop ownership with students
  • Always have time for the child to share their experience with the class when they return the bag
  • Send home weekly
  • Have one day to restock bag contents between trips home
  • Send multiple copes of the same bag so that it rotates quickly
  • Everyone gets a turn – if a child does not have an opportunity to do the bag activities at home, find another adult to do it with them
  • Let the bag replace homework for the week
  • Add poems or other resources
  • Use a system that works for you: checklist, picture of materials, numbered dots to account for everything, inventory
  • Make a master of all consumables before sending the bag home
  • Laminate!


Digital downloads available on Teachers Pay Teachers.